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SG10 Stainless Steel Standoff Pin for Glass Staircase/Glass Juliet Blacony

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SG10 Standoff glass pin is also called glass clamp, glass clip and glass adaptor, Infinity view, Easy installation, point decoration make glass pin very popular in glass railing application, especially for interior balustrade and low-rise building.

Glass pin ls also ideal choice of glass staircase, it won’t take any space of stair step, so more space will get by using glass pin as glass balustrade of staircase.
SG10 glass pin is SS304 and SS316, polish can be mirror and brushed. Glass thickness range is 6+6mm, 8+8mm, 10+10mm and 12+12mm.

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Product Detail

The ARROW DRAGON glass pin is total frameless glass railing systems without any horizontal base profiles or vertical posts.  Glass pin allow the glass floating off the stairway and wall cladding, and it’s invisible from the interior side of the glass, giving the infinity appearance of almost no railing at all. ARROW DRAGON Glass Pin is available for 8+8mm and 10+10mm glass. Available in a variety of styles and sizes, Glass Pins are shiny and contemporary, providing a minimalism style appearance that enhances both interior and exterior environments.

frameless glass stair with glass holder

Glass Pin is fixed on exterior side of stairway.

frameless glass stair

It’s invisible from interior, glass is floated off and brings frameless view

ARROW DRAGON Glass Pin can be adjusted on inward and outward direction, thanks to this smart design, glass pin can fit stairway and balcony with convex flooring marble tile and decking.

frameless glass fixed by glass pin

Flooring decking is convex to concrete structure, glass pin is perfect solution.

ARROW DRAGON Glass Pin is point fixing installation therefore, it’s very friendly and compatible with curved glass and spiral stair, glass pin can be fixed on concrete, steel structure and wood,

curved glass balustrade fixed by glass bolt
Spiral glass balustrade fixed by glass clip

Normal installation will be headache for spiral stair, Glass pin solve this problem perfectly.

ARROW DRAGON Glass Pin is made of SS304 and SS316. Surface treatment can be brushed and mirror. SS304 will be cost-effective choice for inland city projects, when building projects are coastal and beach side, because high salt and easy rusted environment, SS316 is irreplaceable choice, better with mirror polish, slick surface of mirror polish is much more durable and easy cleaning.


With innate advantage of easy installation, ARROW DRAGON Glass Pin can be used in curved glass railing, spiral stair, Juliet balcony, rooftop, guard railing, staircase, terrace.

We also supply stainless steel slot tube and tube accessories as handrail, pls review our handrail tube & accessories page.

Contemporary glass balustrade fixed by glass pin
Glass clamp on wood stiar
Glass clamp on wood stiar
Spiral stair with glass holder
Stair with glass clip
Straight stair with glass holder

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