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SG20 Stainless Steel Glass Spigot for Glass Pool Fencing

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SG20 glass spigot is most widely used in glass swimming pool fencing, its succinct style, no need drilling hole on glass and easy installation are main features. SG20 glass spigot is always used together with glass door of swimming pool.
Beside glass swimming pool fence, stainless-steel spigot is also popular in glass staircase and glass balcony.
Shape is square shape and round shape, height is 160mm and 200mm. Glass is fixed by squeezing screw, no need to drill hole on glass, it makes installation much easier. This is cost-effective solution for glass fixing.
SG20 glass spigot is made of SS304 and SS316, polish is mirror, brushed and Matte black color.
Glass thickness is 10mm tempered glass, 12mm tempered glass, 5+5 laminated glass and 6+6 laminated glass.

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ARROW DRAGON SG20 spigots are designed for glass fence of swimming pools, outdoor partition, garden separations, balcony and other area need semi closing space. Glass fence with SG20 spigot is the aesthetic look in all pools and entertaining areas. While providing safety, strength and security, it simultaneously brings style, spaciousness and durable quality.


ARROW DRAGON SG20 spigot works as a clamp to hold the glass. When combined with tempered glass, it’s high-quality balustrade railing suitable for a wide range of applications. Add transparence of glass as contemporary glazing style to homes. Whether for the outdoor space of a swimming pool or raised decking, glass balustrade rail with spigot is the perfect blend of looks, function and versatility.


Spigot glass fence with entrance door for Swing pool


Frameless glass railing in decking application for terrace

ARROW DRAGON SG20 glass spigots can also be used as short posts to elevate or increase the height of existing structures. These economic frameless glass railing solutions are an easy and effective way of creating impressive designs for residential and commercial buildings.


When existing wall is too short to add handrail tube, spigot is a very good solution.

This spigot glass railing suits all styles of pools, backyard entertainment areas and walkways of houses. We offer high grade AISI316 and AISI304 Stainless steel Spigot for different building projects, AISI316 spigot is perfect and necessary for beachside building project, its high property of anti-corrosion can maintain shining and sleek look for long time. For inland building projects far away from the shoreline, AISI304 spigot is much more cost-effective choice with features of shining surface treatment, high strength and long-lasting quality. We recommend to use 6+6 laminated tempered glass and 12mm clear toughened glass to satisfy all local architectural standards and keeps your family and guests safe.



ARROW DRAGON SG20 Spigot glass railings are commonly used for creating fenced areas around swimming pools, outdoor partition, garden separation, yard fence, balcony, entrance area, outdoor booth, walkway, rooftop and decking.

We also supply stainless steel slot tube and tube accessories as handrail, pls review our handrail tube & accessories page.

Spigot glass fence for stair guard rail

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