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ST20 Square Cap Rail & Accessories

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ARROW DRAGON ST10 square shape slot tube is 40*40mm, wall thickness can be 1.5mm and 2mm. slot size is 25*25mm, with assistance of EPDM gasket, ST20 can fit to 6+6, 8+8 and 10+10 laminated tempered glass.

Square slot tube

In some area, building code request handrail tube as compulsive structure of glass balustrade, ST210 square slot tube is very important handrail for frameless glass railing systems. For the different type of balcony, such as U shape, L shape and I shape, we supply necessary handrail tube connector accessories to carry out installation, like 90° connector, wall mounted flange and end cap.

connector of square slot tube
End cap of square slot tube
Wall mounted flange of square slot tube

ST20 square slot tube is fabricated as ASTM A554 standard, stainless-steel grade are AISI304, AISI304L, AISI316 and AISI316L. In DIN standard, corresponding grade are 1.4301, 1.4307, 1.4401 and 1.4407. Surface polish are brush satin and mirror. What’s better, we can do PVD color coating for handrail tube and connector accessories, available colors are various and diversified, popular and recommend color are champagne gold, rose gold, black titanium. Antique brass. Customized color is also available by providing color sample to us.


For project application of inland city, we recommend to use AISI304. Very good performance of anti-corrosion and various surface polish. For project application of coastal city and beach side, AISI316 is indispensable choice, because extremely performance of anti-corrosion will make service life of handrail more durable.



ST20 slot tube can be used on straight glass railing and fence, like regular balcony and courtyard. Regular Besides application of straight glass railing, ST20 Slot Tube also can be used on curved glass railing. With advantage of our accurate bending technology, bending radius can fit curved glass very smoothly. Curved shape can be C shape, S shape and other combined shape.

We also supply aluminum slot tube and wood handrail, pls review our other web pages.

Glass balustrade with square slot tube
Glass railing with square slot tube
Glass stairway with square slot tube
Glass staircase with square slot tube
Glass fence with square slot tube
Glass balustrade square slot tube

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