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AG20 In-floor All Glass Railing System

Short Description:

AG20 is a true frameless glass railing system, base profile is embedded in floor, only glass grow out of floor, create a panorama view.
LED strip light channel is reserved under glass, LED strip light is available for bright decoration of glass railing.

AG20 In-floor All Glass Railing System can be used as both linear profile and segment profile.
As base profile is a part of floor, mechanical property of AG20 system is extremely outstanding. This system can be used in project of typhoon area, like sea side of southeast Asian and Hotel in island.

• Aluminum covers • Stainless steel covers • unobstructed view
• Aesthetic design • Mechanical property • Easy cleaning

Product Detail

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Product Detail

AG20 In-floor All Glass Railing System is designed to maximize unobstructed view. Embedded installation makes glass holder profile disappear, only glass rises straight out of floor. No other objects exist between your eyes and splendid view. In addition to its spectacular vision effect, its solid mechanical structure brings security and stability.

AG20 In-floor All Glass Railing System distinguish your elegant buildings with its unobstructed view, spectacular vision, ultra-standard, highest mechanical property, wide choice of safety glass can meet requirements of different application scene. Special designed LED channel and holder profile can fit all specs of LED strip light in the market, colorful LED light can bring more brightness and joy to you night life.

In-floor All Glass Railing System
Linear continous application of In-floor All Glass Railing System
Appearance of In-floor All Glass Railing System

According to different strength needs, AG20 can be either applied continuous profile or as 15CM & 30CM segment, in addition to applying 15CM & 30CM segment in the floor, linear uncut embedded profile can align segment straight and make sure the glass to remain straight through. With this split-type design, the mis-operation during installation is avoided, meanwhile, the linear uncut LED holder profile can hold LED strip light under glass tightly, which will make LED light sparkle over again glass, your house will be the sparking star of your living community in the night.

Segment Application of In-floor All Glass Railing System
Appearance of In-floor All Glass Railing System

AG20 In-floor All Glass Railing System brings aesthetic and safety to your ultra-standard buildings. In order to demonstrate perfect glass railing with AG20 system, we provide installation instruction video of how to embed profile during concrete casting. In terms of safety, AG20 already pass American standard ASTM E2358-17 and China Standard JG/T17-2012, horizontal impact load reaches up to 2040N per sqm without assistance of handrail tube. Compatible safety glass can be 6+6, 8+8, 10+10 laminated tempered glass.

ASTM E2358 test report by SGS 1
ASTM E2358 test report by SGS 2
ASTM E2358 test report by SGS 3

Cover plate can be aluminum profile and Stainless-steel sheet, standard color of aluminum profile cover is mysterious silver, and other coating type is available: powder coating, PVDF, anodizing and electrophoretic coating. color of stainless-steel sheet cover is mirror and brushed. PVD technic is also available, PVD color can be customized to align with decoration style of building balcony.

Important note: PVD color is only suitable for indoor application.

With Assistance of symmetric adaptor SA10, AG20 In-floor All Glass Railing System also can be used on staircase railing installation; SA10 adaptor can be adjustable to adapt different stair step height, installation can be done without breaking existed staircase and concrete. this will make staircase renovation project much easier. After installation, need to cover aluminum base profile with same marble of stair step and metal panel.

Remark: This bracket is our patented product, counterfeiting of patented products shall not be prosecuted.

Glass railing adaptor for stair step installation
Stone cladding on stairway

Metal panel cladding application

Glass railing adaptor for stair step installation
Metal panel cladding on stairway

Stone marble/ceramic tile cladding application


With advantage of simple design and modern appearance, AG20 In-floor All Glass Railing System can be applied on balcony, terrace, rooftop, staircase, partition of plaza, guard railing, garden fence, swimming pool fence.

Embedded glass railing on decking
Frameless glass balustrade balcony
frameless Glass railing on stairway and walkway
Frameless in-floor glass balustrade on terrace
In-floor Glass balustrade on rooftop
In-floor glass rail on rooftop

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